Panamaz Bikinis
‘Panamaz – Feel the Ocean’ brings you the latest bikini and surf bikini trends from renowned beaches in Brazil. We tap into the latest trends in popular Brazilian swimwear, beach, and surf culture. Our bikinis are genuine Brazilian, low-cut in front and skimpy narrow in back. They are authentic Brazilian and 100% “Made in Brazil.” You’ll discover unique designs, seductive cuts, sensual patterns, and sexy Brazilian bikinis. We are all about surf, sun, seduction, and glamour.


TV coverage of Fashion TV’s ‘Panamaz – Feel the Ocean’ bikini shoot on location in exotic Japan.

View the Panamaz feature clip (segment slot: 5:32-8:06):

Fashion TV ‘Tokyo Fashion News’

Accompanied by the crew from Fashion TV, the 2 days shoot took place at beautiful white-sand Shirahama beach on the Izu peninsula, 150km south-west of Tokyo. Famous for its waves and surfing, our models Erina, Kaoru, and Meg, clad in our sexy bikinis, stirred-up quite the commotion amongst the local surfers.

On this occasion, we were very delighted to be able again to work together with renowned Australian photographer Paul Stevens. Despite his busy schedule, Paul has accompanied us on our journey right from the beginning. Nobody captures the essence of Panamaz bikinis better than him. View more of Paul’s great work at